BUIKAD draws its power from its members who believe that achieving a more modern and developed social structure will be possible by increasing the female employment rate and the number of entrepreneurial women and by improving the qualifications of women in business life. If you are an entrepreneur or executive sharing this belief, you can add power to the power of BUIKAD as a member.

Click here to download the Member Application Form to your computer. To become a member of BUIKAD, first fill out the Member Application Form and send it to the addresses, and . Membership applications are evaluated and a preliminary interview is conducted with the candidate(s) who are eligible. After preliminary interviews, a decision is taken by the Board of Directors of BUIKAD for the admission of candidate(s) to the membership and hence the Association membership begins.

The following information and documents are required for the candidate(s) admitted for membership of the Association. All information and documents are sent to the address, .
– Filling out the Membership Information Form
– Two-Sided Copy of the Birth Certificate
– 2 Passport Size Photos (White colour in background is preferred)
– Document Showing Educational Status
– Company Logo
– Chart that shows the position and those under his/her management in the workplace
– 2020 membership entrance fee: TRY 3,500.00
– Annual fee for 2020: TRY 1,050.00

The account information for payment of membership entrance fee and annual fees is as follows:

ACCOUNT NAME : Bursa İş Kadınları ve Yöneticileri Derneği
BANK : Garanti Bank
BRANCH CODE  : 687 (Görükle Branch)
ACCOUNT NO : 6299706
IBAN : TR14 0006 2000 6870 0006 2997 06

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