BUIKAD, which has set out with the vision of ”reaching a strong Turkey with businesswomen“, has supported the activities it carries out in order to strengthen the place of women in business life with the “Successful Women in Business Life Awards ” ceremony held in the week of 8 March International Women’s Day since 2008. BUIKAD awards the women that have made significant contributions in all areas of business and social life such as technology, science, industry, health, economy, art, sports, etc. and the institutions and organizations that have paid efforts to ensure social gender equality. Its purpose is to highlight and motivate the achievements of award recipients, as well as to make them an example by raising awareness.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process begins after the announcement of the candidate proposals and applications for Successful Women In Business Life Awards is made. All incoming applications are meticulously investigated in terms of the social, economic and social benefit created by the relevant person or organisation. The Board of Directors of BUIKAD evaluates all candidates and determines the individuals and institutions that will receive an award.

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