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Setting out with a vision to have a strong Turkey with businesswomen, Bursa Businesswomen and Executives Association (BUIKAD) aims to be guiding, increase the number of entrepreneurial women and support the activity and managerial effectiveness women in law-making and decision making processes in order to ensure and strengthen existence of women in all spheres of life, and it realizes its strategies accordingly.

The aim of BUIKAD is “to strengthen the existence of women by increasing their competence in competitive business life, rather than giving women better working conditions”.

Founded in 2007 with 11 founder members, BUIKAD proceeds its own way with 140 members in 2019. It has created high synergy with all its members and public, believing that modern Turkish women should be an integral part of business life and that the development of our national economy will be possible only and absolutely through this way.

BUIKAD, which consists of the members believing that achieving a more modern social process will be possible by educating women, increasing the employment rate of women and the number of entrepreneurial women, has adopted volunteerism and devotion as principle.

BUIKAD is a member of Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME), which consists of the businesswomen associations of the Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Albania, Italy, France, Malta, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Palestine, Egypt. In addition, BUIKAD is the only women association member, in the region, of the Federation of Marmara and Central Anatolia Industrialists and Businessmen Associations (MARSIFED), a federation that gathers business people associations operating within the borders of Marmara and Central Anatolia regions under one roof. BUIKAD takes firm steps by getting stronger with these collaborations.


Have a strong Turkey with businesswomen.


In order to ensure and strengthen the existence of women in every part of the working life;

  • Be guiding,
  • Increase activity in law-making processes,
  • Support managerial development,
  • Engage in activities.


  • Organize trainings to support the development of women who will enter the business life and take part in the business life.
  • Ensure the cooperation of businesswomen and executives and support them in increasing their communication.
  • Take steps to increase the employment rate of women in working life.
  • Provide support for the issues the creative entrepreneurship projects need.
  • Take steps that serve our goals by collaborating with official institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  • Be effective in the law-making processes on the issues affecting businesswomen.

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