Runners’ Team

BUIKAD attaches importance to social responsibility projects apart from the efforts it pays to strengthen women’s place in business and social life. As a signatory of the Global Compact principles, BUIKAD, which draws attention to environmental and educational issues, performs activities in this field, as well.

BUIKAD enjoys playing sports with its volunteer team as well as acting based on social responsibility awareness.

The volunteer runners participating in the race, “Bursa Eker I Run” supported the Project of ÇEK (Modern Education Cooperative) “For the Sake of Education of Wild Flowers” by collecting donations and covered the school costs of many female students and enabled them to continue their education.

The Runners’ Team of BUIKAD ran at the Istanbul Marathon on behalf of the Wheat Association’s “Nature-Friendly Urban Gardens” Project and collected donations by drawing attention to environmental problems.

The team ran at Antalya race to draw attention to the participation of severely disabled people in social life by saying “we are here to be the feet of those who cannot run” and collected donations for motorized wheelchairs.

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