About Us

Our association who has started its path with the vision ‘’Reaching a strong Turkey with the power of bussiness women’’ has implemented its strategies with the target to support the effectiveness of women in legislation and desicion processes, also to support their managerial development by leading the road , increasing the number of women entrepreneurs and strengthening them to obtain and strengthen the existance of women in all parts of life.

BUIKAD was established in 2007 with 11 founder members, and by 2015 it has reached up to 132 members. Our assosiation has created high synergy together with its members and community by believing to the necessity of making the contemporary woman a core piece of bussiness life at all areas of bussiness life and it is the only and absolute way for the development of our country economy.

BUIKAD is built up with members who believe that reaching a more contemporary community is only possible by educating women, increasing the employement rate and number of entreprenaur women. BUIKAD’s main principles are being volunteer and devoted.

To reach a strong Turkey with the power of business women.

For the purpose of obtaining and strenghtening existence of woman in every part of bussiness life;
  To lead the road,
  To increase the activity in legislative areas,
  To support managerial development,
  To make events and activities for realizing our missions.